Mary Grant British, b. 1971

Born Sussex, 1971. Studied at Kingston University graduating in 1994.  

Mary's new landscape series are concerned with the painterly nature of a snapshot taken while driving or walking.  Each piece is a visual reminder of how nature conspires and seduces.

Her references stem from her love of music and pop culture and invariably borrow from album and track titles from artists such as Neil Young, Paul Weller and Bob Dylan.

When I paint the most important process is the initial mark making, therefore I have to complete the painting while the paint is wet, removing paint rather than applying it. The process is closer to unearthing the subject as opposed to building upon it.
I bury my paintings beneath multiple layers of stains and varnishes as if to seal in the subject. I rely heavily on photography and try to convey this by trapping the memory and sealing it down.

1971                  Born, Sussex

1991- 1994     Kingston University, BA HONS 2:1 Fine Art Painting
1990-1991     Northbrook College of Design, National Diploma Foundation Studies
1995                Artist in Residence, Whitgift Public School


1992              Royal Academy, Budapest, Hungary
1997-2002 Solo Exhibition, Enid Lawson Gallery, London
1997-98        Leighton House Open, London
1999               New Artists '99, Albany Gallery, Cardiff
                          20th Century Show, Olympia
                          Air Gallery, Dover Street, London
                          Beatrice Royal Contemporary Art
                          APART, London
2000             September Girls, V & A Friends Room, London
                           Le Salon, London SW1
2001                September Girls II, Great Eastern Hotel, London
2002              Art Sale & Auction, Christies for NSPCC, Art Movement
                           Tangible Art, London
2003                Landscape Now, Clapham Art Gallery, London

2007                Toronto International Art Fair, Canada (Jill George Gallery)

2008                Toronto International Art Fair, Canada (Jill George Gallery)

2009-2015   London Art Fair, ART 2009, Business Design Centre, London, (Jill George Gallery)

2012                Jill George Gallery in Cork Street, Group Exhibition

2011-2015     20/21 British Art Fair, Royal College of Art, London (Jill George Gallery)

2011-2015     ART Toronto, Toronto, Canada, (Jill George Gallery)

2014                Jill George Gallery at Coningsby, London

                          McCallister Gallery, Godalming, Surrey

2015               'Summer Delights', Jill George Gallery, London

                          20/21 British Art Fair, Royal College of Art, London (Jill George Gallery)

2016                Omagh, Ireland (solo show)

                          'Autumn Delights', Jill George Gallery, London     

2017                'Land, Sea and Sky', Jill George Gallery, London 

2019                'Winter Delights', JIll George Gallery, London


2021                The Summer Show, JIll George Gallery, London

                           The Winter Show, Jill George Gallery, London

Awards Received
1993                NatWest '90's Prize for Art (Shortlisted)
1994                Stanley Picker Travel Scholarship, New York

Her work is in private collections in London, Madrid, Barcelona, South Africa, Europe, New Zealand and throughout the USA